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We constantly strive to provide the best products and services at all times. We set high standards based on an up-to-date understanding of best business processes. We value continuous improvement in everything we do ensuring ever increasing standards are achieved.  Marni Fruit meets the highest requirements in food quality and food safety on all fronts.
To ensure the high quality of our products, we work strictly according to the requirements of BRC, RIK (Reglement Interne kwaliteitscontrole or Regulations Internal Quality control) SKAL (Dutch Organic Fruit and Vegetables) and also hold these certificates. 
When entering the warehouse our fruit and vegetables are subject to strict quality and weight controls by the quality controllers. Possible stocks are stored in one of the available cooling cells and checked daily. Quality is our number one priority because you deserve nothing less than the best.
Extra attention is also paid to residue checks. Marni Fruit is a member of Food Compass, the foundation that monitors the horticultural sector. The Marni Fruit growers all work in accordance with the requirements of the quality system Global Gap.
Marni Fruit is an Authorized Economic Custom Partner. The combined AEO certificate was awarded in 2011.