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Range & Packaging

From cabbage to sweet peppers and from citrus fruit to apples. Marni Fruit supplies all kinds of fruit and vegetables from all over the world throughout the year. How does it taste? How does it smell? How does it look? Marni Fruit strives for perfection and only provides top quality.  We do not settle for less.

Besides working with dutch growers and with growers from southern European countries, we regularly import goods by boat from South Africa, South America and China. We also fly in products from all over the world.

We are also just as flexible in terms of packaging.
If you want to combine products? No problem!
Kiwis in baskets, trays, nets or flow pack? No problem!
We can do it all for you. 

Every one of our customers has specific needs that we need to cater to; we understand that. At Marni Fruit, it’s our job to identify and meet these needs, and ensure a bespoke service tailored to support the growth of each of our customer’s businesses. 

Marni Fruit is able to pack fruit and vegetables in any desired package. The weighing and labeling possibilities are endless. We can do this for you with or without a barcode, weight, pricing and private label. You ask, we deliver.

Our contacts with our clients and suppliers are very important to us. We are dedicated to the success of our internal and external customers. We always strive to supply them with products or services of quality and value which are continuously ahead of our competition.

We work to very high standards and build strong and lasting relationships. These relationships are based upon our thorough understanding of the needs of our client and listening to those needs as they evolve. We add value and provide innovative solutions to them every time without fail. They are our foundation. Thanks to these reliable and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, we are able to guarantee fixed deliveries to our clients.